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The Bias Reset: Understanding your Bias for Better Business Decisions

As decision makers in a position of power, whether it be as a manager hiring a new team member, or an investor deciding to invest in a founder, we owe it our company to make the best decision possible. That means putting aside our biases.

The Bias Scale: Prevent Your Biases From Hiring a Psychopath

The Bias Scale is a tool we developed to help decision makers like interviewers and investors visually see how their biases could be influencing their judgement when assessing a candidate.

Why We Need to Get to Know Founders Before Investing

When a business fails, more often than not it is because of the people behind it. We recently had the opportunity to meet with Sam*, founder of a budding recruitment agency in Malaysia. His business proposal was simple: import qualified professionals from the US and...

A Case for Maximising ROI using Psychology

As an investor, how much time do you spend looking into the founders behind the start-up? Getting to know them outside of their LinkedIn profile, track record, or pitch meeting and finding out what makes them tick as a human being?

Dealing with “difficult people” – a case study

What do you do when a colleague or business contact suddenly turns nasty? When ongoing professional communication is necessary even though every interaction is peppered with unpleasantness?

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