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The Bias Tools

The Bias Tools are a way to bring to the forefront the unconscious conditioning we all have about the people we meet, to allow us to make better decisions when interviewing a potential candidate. The more we can see someone for who they are, and not who we think they are, the better decisions we can make and the less likely we are to regret our choice six months down the track.

The Bias Tools consist of The Bias Reset and The Bias Scale, with a bonus exercise to help you understand exactly what you need from your candidate. Use these tools before and after a meeting to help you get a better read on who the person really is, and whether they are truly a good fit, or just talking a good talk.

The Bias Reset helps you understand what preconceptions you are approaching your candidate with, and how that is changing your perception of them.


The Bias Scale helps you contextualise the effect that a candidate’s charm (or lack thereof) may be having on you once they are in front of you, and whether you are fairly considering their skills.

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