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At Steel Mountain we believe that business problems are really human problems. Everyone has biases and blind-spots that shade reality and create obstacles to their goals, and by addressing these on a psychological level we empower you, your investment, or your team to succeed.

All too often people make a quick decision to address an immediate need, only to find they have created a systemic bottleneck once they’ve grown slightly. That’s why we also look at the structure of the business itself, and ensure all its most basic elements are complimentary and are robust enough to handle growth. Once the foundation is solid, growth can be rapid and uninterrupted.

Our mission is

to ensure the sustainability of businesses by building, optimising, and re-engineering their systems around an ethical, long term vision. By developing the foundation of the business we enable a company to grow, without being constrained by inefficiencies that come from short-term decision making, while keeping its values, integrity, and personality intact.

Future-proof your business and reach new heights; build from a solid foundation.

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Who are we?

Matthew and Annika Egglestone founded Steel Mountain to unlock the potential they see in people and businesses. They believe that the highest chance for success comes from combining the business, financial and human perspectives and have been working together to grow their clients’ companies for over five years.

Matthew combines big picture systems thinking with a deep understanding of the human psyche. This allows him to tackle complex business problems and rearrange the parts until they create a streamlined solution. His experience traverses the spectrum from logistics to aviation to dance teaching. 

Annika has 10+ years experience in supporting business owners as well as starting businesses of her own. She is known as the calm presence that supports stressed-out executives in creating sustainable, profitable, and rewarding businesses. In addition to coaching, she is an expert in marketing, project management, and creating and selling online products.

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